Who We Are

Battling Addiction Through Prevention

Bexson Biomedical was formed at the crossroads of necessity and experience. With opioid addiction being the deadliest drug crisis in American history, and nearly few meaningful pain management innovations in modern-day medicine, the prognosis for stopping the rise in addictions and overdoses has been bleak.

That’s why the meeting between co-founders Dr. Jeffrey Becker and Gregg Peterson, who partnered in 2017, proved pivotal. Their shared concern for the raging opioid crisis, along with their depth and breadth of combined professional experience sparked an innovative flame.

Bexson Biomedical was born out of the desperate need for potent, non-addictive pain management options


Armed with decades of experience in pharmaceuticals, medical device R&D, and NMDA-receptor pharmacology, the concept of a subcutaneous delivery system and formulation to repurpose ketamine and psychedelics for multiple large indications is in development.


To date Bexson has …

Oct 2017:
Bexson Biomedical incorporated
Nov 2017:
Bexson files first provisional patent application on subcutaneous delivery of ketamine
Feb 2019:
Bexson granted orphan designation by FDA to treat CRPS with a ketamine therapy
Jul 2019:
Contracted with Thermo Fisher to perform GMP manufacturing of Bexson’s ketamine therapy
Jul 2019:
Completed $680k convertible debt financing
Dec 2019:
Completed BB106 ketamine formulation development for subcutaneous delivery
Sep 2020:
Bexson & Stevanato Group sign co-development agreement for a tamper-resistant wearable infusion device
Nov 2020:
Filed 5 new provisional patent applications focused on subcutaneous delivery of psychedelic, empathogen and NMDA-receptor antagonist compounds
Dec 2020:
Launched Project Hermes to develop proprietary formulations of existing psychedelic compounds, designed for subcutaneous delivery
Jan 2021:
Complete $4.8M Seed Round financing
Feb 2021:
Initiated IND-enabling animal studies with BB106
Mar 2021:
Launched Bexson Discovery, developing new compounds targeting the NMDA receptor
Apr 2021:
Bexson granted USPTO patent on subcutaneous ketamine formulation
Jul 2021:
Completed $7.3M Series A Financing
Aug 2021:
Successful Pre-IND FDA guidance for BB106 to treat acute pain

What We Do

Pioneering Medicine to Prevent Suffering

Bexson’s experienced team has a strong background in health innovation, clinical development and IP creation.

Bexson is developing modular subcutaneous delivery
platforms for controlled delivery of high value controlled
substances and other critical medications
in need of pharmacokinetic innovation.

Our Sub-Q delivery systems and formulation
technology is modular by design.

Our flagship projects are repurposing Ketamine, Flumazenil and Natural Psychedelics for multiple large-market indications in pain management, addiction and mental health.

Evolving Medicine Enhancing Lives

While our subcutaneous ketamine delivery system and formulation is priority focus, our modular technology is poised for repurposing toward additional therapies that aim to reduce the suffering associated with numerous large market pain and mental health indications.

Bexson Biomedical is developing a unique ketamine delivery system for pain disorders and mental health conditions. Our flagship project will deliver a proprietary subcutaneous formulation of ketamine via a minimally invasive, wearable, subcutaneous infusion pump to enable highly accurate delivery and dosing control.

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